Stadthaus Delagoplatz, Bozen

In collaboration with Arch. Andreas Lengfeld

Foto: OskarDaRiz
Completed 2015

New five storey building In the Old town of Bolzano, was settled as an replacement for the smaller bedraggled building from 1960's. The main objective not only to revitalize the building, it was expected to give a positive impulse to urban areas around it. Especially the small square in front of it, was not using its potential.

Slightly asymmetrical, gently sloped pitched roof, proportions influenced by the surrounding historical town makes the architectural language timeless. Puristic facade is made of concrete casted on site and bush hammered afterwards.

Südtiroler Architekturpreis 2015 - Nomination
Klimahausaward 2016 - Winner
Architektur.aktuell 6/2016


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