Born 1981 in Levoca, Slovakia. Studied architecture at Vienna University of Technology with graduation thesis “Museum der Zeitgeschichte in Bratislava” in 2007.
In the years 2003 – 2009 working at the studio Architekt Christoph Mayr Fingerle, Bolzano with the focus on architectural competitions.
2009 – 2012 with Architekt Walter Pichler, Bolzano.
Since 2012 member of Kammer der Architekten der Autonomen Provinz Bozen, working as Freelance Architect in Bolzano.

Foto: OskarDaRIz


Erweiterung EURAC CAFE2015 3rd prize (with Arch. Andreas Lengfeld)
Berghütte Oberholz2015 1 st prize (with Arch. Peter Pichler)
Erweiterung EURAC2015 Honorable Mention (with Arch. Andreas Lengfeld)
Mehrzweckgebäude in Barbian 20131 st prize (with Arch. Andreas Lengfeld, Arch. Rudi Perathoner )
Icehockey Stadium Bruneck2014Honorable Mention (with Arch. Peter Pichler, Arch. Vitomarco Marinaccio )
Stadthaus Bozen 2012 1 st prize (with Arch. Andreas Lengfeld)
Landhaus Bozen 2011Honorable Mention (with Arch. Andreas Lengfeld, Arch. Giulia Paoletti )


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